Plugg music, when you first hear these two words, you may think “what is plugg music?” In this short article, I will bring into perspective its distinctive sounds, and notable artists who have used those beats. Now let me begin.

Early History & Origin

Plugg music has a very familiar sound to that of…

Playboi Carti, also known as Jordan Carter, is not the common rapper many know of. He is known for using his high pitched voice in many songs, his incomprehensible lyrics, and many other things. To many, he is among other talentless rappers, and is called “trash” by many. …

Playboi Carti, real name Jordan Carter, is one the most highly admired rappers of the decade. Carti was well known for his #1 hit “Magnolia” back in 2017, and from there, he amassed more fans. In the following year, he had teased his fans with “snippets” and “leaks”. …

Roger Range

An interesting man who thinks far ahead of time. Not everyone can be like him.

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