Plugg Music — One of the greatest genre’s in music history

Plugg music, when you first hear these two words, you may think “what is plugg music?” In this short article, I will bring into perspective its distinctive sounds, and notable artists who have used those beats. Now let me begin.

Early History & Origin

Plugg music has a very familiar sound to that of well known producer Zaytoven, who produced many beats for various artists, like Gucci Mane. here is one example take a listen:

(2008) produced by Zaytoven, very similar sound to what is heard today with the genre.

Now pay more attention to the beat’s sounds, such as the 808s, and the snares. Plugg Music is well known for use of these heavy 808s, from a car stereo, the sound is very loud. Now listening to this style, let make a comparison with a modern variation:

The 808s, snares, and hi-hats have a similar pattern in this beat

Very similar right? This is one of the variations of plugg music. So who made the sounds we know today? It would be Atlanta’s well known MexikoDro, and Stoopidxool, who together definitively created the new genre. Throughout 2015, to 2017, and even today, he and collaborators, have worked with various artists, to build a solid fanbase for the new genre. Although not too popular as it once was, the genre’s beats are still used, and is loved by many, with no signs of it fading away anytime soon. Its as long living as Jazz.


Plugg music, at least in today’s standards, has many different sounds. What are the common sounds? They would be the very same 808s (except for the ones producer Stoopidxool usually uses) the snares, and also instrument sounds such a Xylophone (bell sounding), pads, fast hi-hats, a medium-slightly fast tempo/bpm, crash sfx, and a rising sfx effect. Lets take another look at such use of these type of sounds:

If you pay attention, the rising transition sfx effect is heard at 0:23, and throughout the duration of the beat, these sounds are heard.

These sounds are common to the plugg music genre. And as of this day, many producers make these wonderful type beats.

Subgenres of Plugg Music

There are few other versions of plugg music, but not many have their own name, so lets look into some last types.

This type of plugg music does not have a name, but for many, could stand on its own as being a variation of plugg music. In my opinion, it could be “alternative” for which there are many types of the beats. Or maybe even “blues” plugg music, because of its “sad-sounding” tone.


Now this is the most popular variation of plugg music. It is simply Plugg with an “R&B” twist to it. As for who created this version of plugg is not really known, but it can be said to be producer Dylvinci, who is well known to have been the primary creator of this new sound, with example’s such as D Savage’s “Ready To Die”

Saxophone sounds, with similar 808s to the genre, and a whistle or lead type of instrument sound. Produced Dylvinci

also Tony Shhnow’s & 10KDunkin’s “On Me” produced by DiorDaze.

A version of Pluggnb, produced by DiorDaze. The beat has a distinct feel and sound, like that of R&B beats from the late 1990s to early 2000s. With the drums being soft, and the snares having a nice sound, as well as the pleasant synth & string melodies heard throughout the beat’s entirety.

Briefly going through these last few examples, it is clear on what exactly is plugg music. The sounds have much range, but is very distinctive. Now to conclude this article, I will add some last examples so you can have a comprehensive grasp of this wonderful genre of music. Enjoy them!

Ambient/Soft Plugg Music

This subgenre of plugg music would be known for more pleasant, and ambient melodies. Common sounds feature a heavy 808 or sub drum (known 808 variant by Stoopidxool) and the bpms are generally slower, but can be a little fast, which creates a soothing vibe and sound. This particular subgenre began to become more known and heard into the greater half of 2020, to the present now 2021. As producers started to sway away from typical plugg sounds, and begun to experiment with different sounds, that would make for a “unique” type of beat.

Prime examples:

A collab by producers Clayco & Junio. Note the heavy 808 bass, more gentle synths & pads, an bell instrument, as well as the soft melody used throughout the beat. It helps to complete the sound of the song. A simplistic pattern, but yet gratifying production to the ears.
This is great example of ambient plugg, as the melody continually rises and alternates. Produced by Hoodrixh
Another prime example of a soft plugg beat. The melody continually goes from slightly lower, to higher note ranges. Produced by ReeseyGotit.
Listen to the melody, this would be a more broader example of a “ambient” plugg beat. Produced by ReeseyGotit.

Vamp Plugg

This subgenre of plugg music was created by a producer by the name of Dani Kiyoko. It is known for heavy bass distortion 808s, a slightly fast bpm, and the melodies can vary. There are also sounds that are used by him such as air horns, or other sound effects.

The melodies used by Dani are quite special. As you can hear, the 808s are loud, which is a common characteristic of his beats. He uses softer claps and snares, along with his hi-hat patterns, which creates a smooth, and fast-paced vibe for the song.
The melodies in this beat are very reminiscent of the same used in the song “Ghost Town DJ — My Boo”. Which makes this an extremely unique flip by Dani.

Reference Pieces (2015-present) and conclusion

The notable crash sound can be heard, with other sounds like percussion instruments (maracas) and again, the 808s, snares, and hi hat patterns. This was back in November of 2016.
Playboi Carti’s “Don’t tell Nobody” collaboratively produced by MexikoDro & Stoopdixool (2015)
The well known French artist Serane using a plugg beat collaboratively produced by MexikoDro & Stoopidxool. Listen to the instruments commonly used in plugg music, a lead instrument, and bells. And note the 808 as well as the hi-hat patterns. Although this music video (and the song) was produced during 2020, the beat itself is from 2017, from MexikoDro’s “Lord Forgive Me” track. This is strong evidence that the genre is not fading from the spotlight of the underground anytime soon.
A classic example of Pluggnb, with a saxophone instrument, and the typical xylophone bell sounds
Kodak Black ft Humble Haitian “Harrasin Me” with notable sounds and style from MexikoDro, back in 2015 when he was first gaining attention in his career. However Kodak and Humble Haitian weren’t the only Florida artists to use this genre of beats.
Orlando’s Glokknine used this type beat back in March of 2018
A notable beat produced by Stoopidxool (his 808s are much heavier in bass than MexikoDro’s or the ones used by PoloBoyShawty)
This is one unique variation of a plugg beat, just different sounds, such as the leads/pads, produced by ReeseyGotit. It has a sinister melody, which provides emotion to the beat.

Beat Cookups (By MexikoDro & PoloBoyShawty)

Pluggz member PoloBoyShawty producing a beat (August 2016)

The examples I provided are among one of the greatest examples I present to this article, which in full are cookups that show the magnificent and creative processes that go into actually “making” a plugg beat.

MexikoDro in the studio (March 2017)

Change in style

Since 2019, MexikoDro has been improving his sound, to where it does not sound very similar to the style he used to make from before. This change comes with the fact of many diverse type of beats of the genre, that it has been time for him to simply change up his style. Nevertheless, it is still plugg music, and even with his newer style, there are some beats produced that sound somewhat similar to MexikoDro’s productions. Here is where you can hear his change in plugg:

MexikoDro’s 2021 Samples

In some of the samples, the 808s are much more softer for a smoother sounding beat, while others have a “newer” and more heavier 808 sound. Also there are some newer percussion sounds he uses too, that in a way, is inspired from elements in Detroit’s fast paced beats, invented by Enrgy Beats.

I will end off the article here, as I believe that I have thoroughly explained what Plugg music is, the sounds it’s known for (including examples), and who are its primary composers. There are many variations of the genre today, and again, it has not fallen out of the spotlight, as many still love the sounds. Thank you for reading, and I hope I have familiarized you with this remarkable genre of Rap music.

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